Want to know my top 5 tips for transforming your life naturally?



Transform your Life

Ditch the struggle and discover an easy way to transform your life now. Heal from the comfort of your home.

Commit to Your Health

Did you know immunity begins in the stomach? As does mental & emotional well being.

Seasonal Cleanse

Are you struggling with deeper health issues, but no one can give you answers? I’ve created a seasonal cleanse to reset your body’s natural healing ability!


It was a truly healing experience and I’m sure more epiphanies and insight will arise in the next few days as the dust settles. I can’t wait to come back in for another session!!! Thank you so much Erika, you are truly a miracle worker.
Chin Pham
Erika takes a wonderfully holistic approach to all things wellness and I always leave inspired to make better food suggestions and meditative advice to help heal my insides without all the struggle.Colleen Quinn
Erika doesn’t just treat the body, her goal is to heal the whole person. In the 6 months I have been working with her, she has helped change my life in innumerable positive ways and I would not be where I am today without her.Dr. Becky Goodkind