About Erika

Siri Bhagti Kaur or (Erika)


Erika Schaefer, CMT, CHHC & CHHP

Erika has been working in the field of healing, and trauma recovery for over 20 years. She specializes in creating individual and group programs that create powerful healing experiences that not only change behaviors and habits, but trains individuals to take ownership of their lives by understanding on a deeper level what drives them. She is a Massage Therapist, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Trauma Recovery Specialist, Kundalini Yogini, clean eating & living expert, Feng Shui practitioner, and Vipassana meditator.

Over two decades she has amassed over 4,500 hours of formal training in Anatomy, Physiology, Neural Anatomy, Nutrition, Holistic Health, and Healing and Yoga and Meditation. She’s worked with thousands of individuals from all walks of life to create lasting healthy changes in their lives. Her specialty is trauma recovery, transforming the pain in the present, and unhooking it from its root.

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