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Health Coaching

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Health Coaching

Transform your health for life! There are so many diet's , food programs, and life style programs advertised all around us, but which one is right for you and your body? How do you implement these changes into your life and stick with them? Get the support you need to make lasting life changes that will drive you towards the life you dream of! I've spent the last 20 years creating multiple individual and group programs to help you elevate your spirit, heal your body and live your best self.

Selfcare- Master Class Program

Selfcare is the basis for living a healthy, whole and balanced life. It is NOT another should do list. It is how we actively care for, protect and contain our energy, emotions and bodies so we can live our lives with vitality. 

Learn to put yourself first, care for yourself beautifully on a daily basis and finally have the energy, peace and life you've always dreamt of!

Individual Life Transformation Program

What to go deeper? My six month individual health coaching programs are custom created to you... not someone like you! We begin by discovering where you are, what isn't working in your life, and give you the step by step tools to transform your life and health for good. With deeply transformational one on one calls, your own private coaching area to communicate, log and learn, as well as access to my other programs and supportive materials.

Radical Honesty Program

With Radical Honesty you discover the pathway back to yourself, and an authentic life. Do you speak your truth always with comfort and ease? Can you safely communicate your needs, and wants without watering them down, giving an automatic response or just saying what you think people want to hear? With Radical Honesty I teach you to safely find your own voice, heal old wounds and live your authentic truth with power and grace. Watch your internal connection, and external relationships flourish!

Whole Food Cleanse Program

I have created seasonal whole food cleanse programs packed with everything you will need to jump start your healing. Everything is included! Menu's, recipes, shopping list's, selfcare,  weekly calls and a private group support area where you can get tips, support and community while you go through your transformation.